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A team in Caerphilly have achieved the Carer Friendly Advanced accreditation.

Caerphilly Carers are a team that specifically supports unpaid carers within the Caerphilly borough. 

They sit in Social Services however their aim is to reach carers before they need statutory intervention so that they can support them in their caring roles and hopefully prevent crisis. 

They are a team of seven, supported by two Service Managers at a senior level (one in Adults’ Services, one in Children’s Services).  They support carers of all ages and in all circumstances. 

You can find useful resources and information here.

Although we are a team dedicated to supporting carers, it was useful for us to complete the accreditation to receive feedback on our current service.  We found the process both enjoyable and educational, and we learned some new things, as well as hearing from an independent panel what we are doing well.  We hope that more and more organisations soon go through this process, because as caring becomes more commonplace, so should the support and recognition of the carers that so deserve it.

Geraldine Powell                                                                                                      Carers Coordinator, Caerphilly CC Carers Team                       

Caerphilly CC Carer’s Team: ‘ involvement with many groups/services to raise awareness as well as good and current policies and procedures in place’ and ‘Good to see variety of services that Carer Lead is involved in in order to promote Carer’s needs/rights. Lots of positive partnership working’ ‘Newsletter seen as great way to share this information as well as use of social media for greater reach’